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We offer a range of website ‘health check’ services for our clients. This is sometimes prior to a new site launch or a redesign, but often as a standalone service.

Want us to play Doctors and Nurses with you?

Here are three of the private care procedures we offer.

Usability evaluation

We use our knowledge of designing and building user-centred websites to give you a diagnosis of how easy your existing site is to use.

Then we lay it all out in a report that makes identifying issues very easy, even for people who aren’t web savvy. Crucially, we can give you a prescription of practical advice and fixes to specific problems with your site so you aren’t left with a long list of errors! It’s low cost and quick so you’ll be able to start resolving issues right away.

Usability testing

We do everything listed above but then we test out our theories by watching people use your site and note any problems they are having.

Users out in the wild are funny creatures and sometimes they do the strangest things. So, if you have an unsolved issue, testing your site out on real people often provides the prognosis.


This is all about the numbers.

Everyone loves facts and figures, especially your boss so – as part of our other services – we can check who your users are, where they are coming from, how they are using your website and what you can do next to encourage growth. If you ask nicely we might even make a pie-chart for you to hang on your office wall so everyone can admire your 250% user increase.

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