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The members of Clearleft have spoken at conferences across the globe — individually and as a collective.

(though sadly not as some kind of mad rapping, CSS loving, design crafting, bad practice dissing hip-hop collective)

Topics we have preached to the geek masses have been as wide-ranging as design strategy, usability testing, wireframing web 2.0, microformats, Ajax and how to be a web design super hero.

Q & A

Are you available to speak at my conference?

Yes, yes we are! For a very reasonable fee, you too can have some of our Clearleft-branded verbal goodness at your event.

Just drop us a line and we can check the diary (don’t want it to clash with our hip-hop practice).

But wait, I had a particular person in mind!

That’s not a problem, just tell us which ’Lefty it is.

We can take the favouritism. But we don’t do weddings or Bar Mitzvahs. Not after last time.

But double wait! I’ve got this topic in mind but I don’t know which one of you to ask!

Drop us a line anyway and we can decide which one of us has your topic as our Top Trump Special Skill.

If none of us can help we can probably put you in touch with someone who can.

Speaking schedule