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Who we are

We are a team of eleven specialists: designers, developers, authors, thinkers and web afficionados. Clearleft formed in 2005, bringing together three fine gentlemen with a reputation for user-centred design, accessibility and web standards. We quickly found ourselves a home in Brighton’s cosmopolitan North Laine, and set about trying to make the online world a better place.

We’ve grown since those early days, but we’re still entirely comprised of seriously experienced people who absolutely love what they do. We’ve all been around the block a few times, and between us we’ve worked with governments, branding agencies, in-house development teams, e-commerce giants, big businesses, small boutiques and dot com start-ups.

Brighton Pavilion


Brighton, nestled here on the sunny south coast of England, is our home. It is vibrant, diverse and inspiring in a way most cities can only wish for. We are surrounded by friends who work in the same industry, with bars and restaurants to rival anything in London. We have a royal palace modelled on the Taj Mahal and we can eat our sandwiches on the beach anytime we feel like it.

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