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Photograph of James Bates

James Bates

James is an accomplished visual designer with over 12 years commercial experience. He’s also the Creative Director at Clearleft.

What is your name?

James Bates

What do you do?

I’m nominally our Creative Director, but being part of an (intentionally) modest agency means I’m still involved throughout all levels of the design process. Be that, sketching with pen & paper or wrestling with the details in Fireworks.

What do you do when you’re not doing that?

I’m a father of three, so they leave very little time for anything else! But when I do manage to escape, cars of all kinds (I’m pretty much a complete petrol-head), driving, track-days and motorsport get me excited. I’m also a foodie so spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen and also do a fairly convincing imitation of the cliched snowboarding designer!

Tell us something we don’t know about you…

I’ve been long-planning an epic European road trip (but am yet to find the right time to take it), oh and I have an overwhelming urge to own an american muscle car (probably a 70’s Charger) although the two probably aren’t well suited!

Favourite food?

Where to start? Italian, English, Spanish, Greek, Japanese? I couldn’t pick a particular one – it all depends on season and the mood I’m in! That said, I’m a particular fan of Tapas/Mezze style dishes, basically anything that can be eaten outside in the sun with a cold drink!

Favourite city and why?

Despite not being as well-travelled as some of the other ‘lefties I love the mediterranean, so it’d probably be Barcelona. It has everything I want from a city; good weather, food, architecture, culture, nightlife, a beach – oh and a Formula 1 circuit!

What did you want to be when you were at school?

I pretty much always wanted to be a graphic designer. Although I briefly considered being an architect and at one point a Park Ranger.

Best thing about the internet?

The endless possibilities it provides.

Worst thing about the internet?

The endless possibilities it provides.

Tell us a secret about someone else from Clearleft…

I believe Paul Annett has an odd fetish for Horses noses.

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