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Photograph of Natalie Downe

Natalie Downe

Natalie Downe is a perfectionist by nature and comes with the expertise and breadth of knowledge of a web agency background. Natalie is an enthusiastic front-end developer at Clearleft.

What is your name?

Natalie Downe

What do you do?

Obsess over Markup, CSS and Javascript

What do you do when you’re not doing that?

I love photography, craft and watching Murder Mysteries (but only if they have happy endings).

What did you want to be when you were at school?

Initially I wanted to be a nurse. However, passing out at the sight of blood, I soon decided this was a foolish idea. Being an astrophysicist was my second choice.

Tell us something we don't know about you…

I have really bad depth perception and need help crossing roads

Best thing about the internet?

The positive influence it has on the real world, anyone can have a voice and presence if they want.

Worst thing about the internet?

You-Tube comments, pendants, oh and people who maliciously hack stuff.

Tell us a secret about someone else from Clearleft…

Sophie has a surprisingly large vocabulary of rude words!

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