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Rate My Area

Fancy telling everyone about your favourite drinking hole?

How do you take a tired idea and make it new again? Go back to basics and look at everything through a user’s eyes. Rate My Area could have easily have been just-another-local-search site but Clearleft have redefined local search. By rewarding good, honest feedback on local venues and menus, Rate My Area can offer consistent content written by actual people and not advertisers.

A striking, attractive design focusing on a big map of the area keeps visitors in the know about their locality and the search has been squeezed and primed to give only the best answers for each search. And by best we meant best and not ‘the best some big ugly database of advertisers could offer’.

Rate My Area is currently focused on Ireland but rolling out other places soon.

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What Clearleft did

  • Information Architecture
  • Design Concept
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript build

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